OVEN DIGITAL FAN to 150C X0.1C 250x250x250 S/S

  • CH2251-001

Oven, for student use, with electronic digital�control to 150deg.C. Better control than CH2250-001 student convection oven. Stainless steel interior, type 316 for non corrosion, 250x250x250mm internal dimensions.

Fan forced convection oven with digital control and accuracy of approx.+/-1.5deg.C. �Insulated front door with simple catch and with 3 shelves adjustable for height. Outer dimensions 310x330x435mm (wxdxh), 240V.AC.operation with indicators for power on, standby�and heater cycling.� Hole in top face to take rubber stopper with thermometer (not supplied).

Simple and quick adjustment by knob.� As knob rotated, selected temperature displays.� When knob at rest,� indication is oven temperature.

NOTE: Asbestos is not�used in this product and has not been used for OVER 25 years.

Instruction Sheet

OVEN DIGITAL FAN to 150C X0.1C 250x250x250 S/S