About Us

Science & Education Division

IEC is known in Australia and around the world as a designer and manufacturer of a large range of educational equipment for the teaching of science, physics and chemistry. Using our heritage as scientific engineers, the quality and performance of IEC equipment is our first priority.

Our products are sold through dealers.

We also specialise in:

  • Large tender projects
  • Export
  • Repairs and service of our equipment
  • Innovation & design
  • OEM

Design and engineering of specialised machines – see Engineering Division for more information.

IEC is privately owned and the day to day operations are overseen by our dedicated management team.



TECHNOS is a company managed by Andrea Waddell. It handles the importing of plasticware and glassware, laboratory instruments, biological models, optics and many items of teaching apparatus that are not part of the IEC range. The products include flasks, beakers, burettes, pipettes, dishes, colony counters, refractometers, oscilloscopes, pH and sound level meters, together with many other items that overlap from schools into industrial chemistry. Technos is an importer.

Our History

IEC is proud to have 100% Australian heritage and ownership.

Industrial Equipment & Control Pty.Ltd. began as a general engineering enterprise founded back in 1948 in the suburb of Surrey Hills, Melbourne by Laurence John Hodson.

Laurence Hodson had been a Ham Radio operator and an armature winder in his early days and became foreman of McColl Electric Motors in the 1920s and 30s. Laurie was an authority and expert in electronics of the day and in the design of electric motors and generators, so Hodson & Gault was founded which manufactured DC motors and equipment up to and during the war. There are still a few "H&G" DC motors and generators in trade schools around the country.

Industrial Equipment & Control Pty.Ltd. (IEC) began behind Laurie's home and a young chemical graduate, Frank Sans, agreed to be a partner and to try his hand at engineering. An apprentice and a tradesman was soon added to the staff and production began.

After working at several jobs, young Bernard Hodson joined IEC, became a partner and ran the workshop, built much of the equipment and eventually ran the company. Our first educational order was for several thousand bunsen burners and now we produce a large range of sophisticated equipment for local and for export markets.

Laurence Hodson, Frank Sans and Bernard Hodson have passed on and are sadly missed. Their wealth of knowledge made IEC what it is today and their legacy lives on.