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IEC designs and manufactures custom made automated equipment for the automotive, malting and many other industries.

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IEC has supplied specialised machines and other high quality equipment to the automotive industry in Australia and Asia since the 1970's.

Evacuation & Fill

IEC has the solution to all evacuation & fill requirements during the vehicle assembly to ensure fast and reliable filling of brake, clutch, power steering, engine coolant (including mixing), air-conditioning and hydraulic systems.

The evacuation & fill process involves evacuating a fluid circuit using a high vacuum source, leak testing and filling. In some cases pressure leak testing is performed before the evacuation to quickly ensure all hoses are connected and correctly retained. IEC evacuation & fill equipment is PLC controlled and can be programmed to communicate with an in-plant system to log process data for quality assurance purposes. Machines are fitted with a Human/Machine Interface (HMI) to adjust settings, monitor cycle progress and results, and check alarms.

Volumetric Fluid Dispensing

IEC manufactures machines for dispensing oil into engines, transmissions and differentials, and also detergent into windscreen washer bottle, etc., with non-drip nozzles to ensure a clean and safe work environment.

Leak Testing

Any closed circuit within a vehicle can be quickly and accurately leak tested using dry nitrogen, compressed air and/or vacuum.

Power Supplies

These large capacity power supplies are particularly useful in powering a vehicle to perform functionality tests, etc., before the battery has been fitted to the vehicle. IEC also design and manufacture robust power connectors to quickly and reliably attach the power supply to the vehicles power terminals.

Continuity Testing

Continuity testers are a great way to check the integrity of electrical wiring looms and test for open or short circuits, and poor connections before assembly to expensive electronic modules within the vehicle. Power can be passed through each wire automatically to simulate the real load.

Mash Bath

The Mash Bath is a special piece of accurate laboratory apparatus used for determining the qualities of barley, malt and cereals. Our range includes the small 6, 9, 12 and head bench models, also 16, 20, 25 and 30 head floor mounting models. All IEC Mash Baths are controlled and monitored via a touch-panel interface, which also allows the operator to easily modify and create up to 8 programs.

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