MASH BATH General Information

Mash Bath

IEC began working for local government and private malting and barley laboratories back in the 1960’s and now export to many countries around the world, including USA, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Philippines.

The "IEC" Mash Bath is designed to perform the International Standard process on various cereals for the Malting, Brewing and other industries.

Our bench mounting range includes the small 6, 9, 12 and 16 head models, with additional pots for the distilled water volumes. These are suitable for the smaller labs where volumes are not high.

Our floor mounted range includes the larger 16, 20, 25 and 30 head floor mounting models with integral distilled water storage and dispensing. These are more suitable for the larger volume lab.

Our latest models are controlled by a modern 'Touch Panel' controller where the operator has full control over the functions of each program. Any program can be edited or written by the laboratory chemist when required. All IEC Mash Baths are controlled and monitored via a touch-panel interface, which also allows the operator to easily modify and create up to 8 programs. There is control over stirring, distilled water volumes and the method of cooling the samples at the end of the mash cycle.

We also have individual DC stirrer motors to eliminate the need for drive belts and pulleys to give a quieter and more reliable machine.

IEC are continually looking to improve our Mash baths reliability and functionality and we are currently developing some exciting new features. Please stay tuned!

Mash Bath Operation Manual

MASH BATH General Information